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Producing Angus bulls and females that excel in docility, structural soundness, fertility, growth, maternal traits and carcass merit.

Rishel Angus is owned and operated by Bill and Barb Rishel and is located 10 miles south of North Platte, Nebraska on the southern edge of the Nebraska Sandhills. Rishel Angus consists of 160 producing-age females with approximately 100 females in the spring calving group and 60 females in the fall calving group. Cows are calved and wintered on the ranch 10 miles south of North Platte. Summer range consists of native grasses, with both cool and warm season varieties. Rishel Angus raises a good portion of its winter feed, which consists of alfalfa hay, prairie hay and millet. They contract with neighbors for corn silage in the fall and purchase co-products from area ethanol plants.

Record keeping has been a priority for Rishel Angus since its beginning in 1966 and they have diligently maintained individual performance records on all animals. They were one of the first breeders in the United States to identify carcass merit in their cattle due to the tremendous value differences it brings. This focus has paid off as many of the leading individuals for carcass merit in the Angus breed carry the Rishel Angus “B/R” prefix.

US Premium Beef logoKnowing that Rishel Angus genetics excel in carcass merit as well as growth traits, many of their commercial producers retain ownership of their calves through the feedlot phase and capitalize on the value-added benefits of superior carcass merit to increase the net income of their operations. Rishel Angus is proud to be a member of and a Qualified Seedstock Supplier for U.S. Premium Beef.

Rishel Angus markets its seedstock through their annual production sale, held the fourth Monday in March at the ranch in North Platte. Females are marketed private treaty or in special consignment sales. 

Rishel Angus History

Rishel Angus began in 1966 when Bill purchased the registered Angus female, PS Primrose 299, from the late Herman Purdy while attending Penn State University. Bill and Barb were married that year and when Bill completed his master’s degree in Animal Breeding at Penn State, he and Barb moved their family to Phelps, New York, where Bill took a position as co-manager of Sayre Farms. Two years later they moved to Hillsdale, New York to manage Topp Hill Farms. When Topp Hill sold in 1975, Bill and Barb moved their family to North Platte, Nebraska, with 13 registered Angus females that were the foundation of the Rishel Angus program.

In 1977, Rishel Angus joined four other Angus breeders to purchase Ken Caryl Mr Angus 8017 as a bull calf. Mr Angus progeny proved to be outstanding carcass cattle and his daughters and granddaughters inherited the outstanding udder strength and attachment of his impressive dam, Blackbird of Ken Caryl 2744. The tremendous influence of Mr Angus continues in the Rishel Angus herd today, as do descendants of the herd’s first female, PS Primrose 299.

In 1981 Rishel Angus purchased a purebred Angus calf that was renamed AAR New Trend. Today AAR New Trend is the foundation sire of one of the most superior lines of cattle in the Angus industry. AAR New Trend is the sire of VDAR New Trend 315 who sold for $73,000 and produced B/R New Design 036, a bull considered to be among the most superior balanced trait sires of the Angus breed today. “036” then produced B/R New Design 323 – one of the most superior carcass sires in the history of the Angus breed.

Several cattle generations later, Rishel Angus is recognized around the world as the home of the “New Design” cattle including B/R New Design 036, B/R New Design 323, B/R New Frontier 095, B/R Destination 727-928, B/R New Dimension 7127, B/R New Design 323-9150 and B/R New Design 323-8212. Outstanding cow families like the Ruby of Tiffany, Blackcap Empress, Young Lucy, Kildonan Erica, Lady Ida, Blackbird, Primrose, Eisa Trojan Erica, Enchantress Trojan Erica and Lantz Blackcap along with superior sires continue to be the base of their program.